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This is online store where you can find original or modified file of car engine ecu. All software is modified of us personally.There isn't any soft like e-bay or unknown of origin , so we can give you guarantee of quality. We don't use any automatic software  - all job is done manually and all solutions is tested by our self.
If you can't found file needed for you ,please contact to us by email : info@ecu-online.com , we'll try to help you find that file.

Sometimes is needed to know which Part number (PN) of calibration file is fit to your car ECU. For help you can check this PN in GM car database , which you can find  there - GM database of calibration files (TIS2WEB) .
You need to input your car's VIN and configuration  and finally you will get PN .With this number you can select needed file from our webpage. If you have troubles with selection of needed file - please write request by email - info@ecu-online.com or call by phone.